corpus luteum hormone

corpus luteum hormone
hormon ciałka żółtego

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  • Corpus-luteum-Hormone — I Corpus luteum Hormone,   die Gelbkörperhormone. II Cọrpus lute|um Hormone   [lateinisch luteus »safrangelb«], die Gelbkörperhormone, Geschlechtshormone …   Universal-Lexikon

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  • corpus luteum — [lo͞ot′ē əm] n. pl. corpora lutea [lo͞o′tēə] [ModL, lit., luteous body] 1. Anat. a mass of yellow tissue formed in the ovary by a ruptured graafian follicle that has discharged its ovum: if the ovum is fertilized, this tissue secretes the hormone …   English World dictionary

  • corpus luteum — the glandular tissue in the ovary that forms at the site of a ruptured Graafian follicle after ovulation. It secretes the hormone progesterone, which prepares the uterus for implantation. If implantation fails the corpus luteum becomes inactive… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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  • Corpus luteum — Corps jaune Le corps jaune (corpus luteum) est une formation temporaire, à l intérieur de l ovaire, qui résulte de la transformation du follicule de De Graaf après expulsion de l ovocyte lors de l ovulation. Ce corps jaune, qui se forme donc dans …   Wikipédia en Français

  • corpus luteum — [ lu:tɪəm] noun (plural corpora lutea lu:tɪə) Anatomy a hormone secreting structure that develops in an ovary after an ovum has been discharged but degenerates after a few days unless pregnancy has begun. Origin C18: from corpus and L. luteum,… …   English new terms dictionary

  • corpus luteum — n. (Gynecology) yellow glandular mass which forms on an ovary after ovulation and secretes the hormone progesterone (if the female does not become pregnant, the mass disappears until the next ovulation) …   English contemporary dictionary

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